Flat resistance bands have been around forever. We just made it so you'll LOVE using them!


Where you go, they go. Bandleballs are easy to transport making your gym, well, anywhere.


When it comes to fitness, you should sweat the workout not the price.  

Wildly Effective.

From heart-pumping HIIT workouts to body-shaking barre and pilates, the only thing limiting you with Bandleballs is your own stamina.

  • Establish deeper and more unified muscle engagement throughout your entire body
  • Optimize your core strength and promote better balance
  • Build highly-sculpted muscle tone without spending hundreds of dollars on expensive machines and equipment


Bandleballs are ergonomic.

The unique spherical shape of Bandleballs not only fits comfortably in the palm of your hand but is designed to facilitate 360 degree mobility and neutral wrist alignment.  Your body can move in multiple directions and on multiple planes.  Why not safely train that way? 


Bandleballs are sweat-resistant.

With a slightly textured outer layer, they need to be because you will.

Bandleballs are universal.

Bandleballs can be used on almost any flat resistance band.  For the best total-body burn, we recommend a 6ft length medium tension band.  And after years of testing, we've found the most durable one to light your fire.

Spice-up your training sessions or group fitness classes.

With Bandleballs, flat resistance band training is an awesome addition to your training session, class or studio.  No other tool is as versatile, effective and portable.  Use them alone or fuse them with other workout styles or equipment.  Now the only thing limiting you with flat bands is your own creativity.  

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