My name is Dana Falconi and these are my balls.

My husband sort of cringes when I put it that way.  But the truth is, they are, and anyone using a flat band should have a set.


I have three beautiful daughters who look so alike they remind me of little Russian dolls.  They keep my everyday unpredictable, in a good way.  Actually, scratch that, in a great way.  Megan is not only my brother's wife but a friend, neighbor, sounding board and collaborator in my wild fitness endeavors.  She's also really fun at family parties.


Bandleballs is the culmination of a lifetime of workouts and one "Ah-Ha!" moment.  They were developed organically over time with a ton of feedback and collaboration.  That's where SandBarre fits in.  Until SandBarre, I had never taught a fitness class and the idea of doing anything rhythmic in public made my palms sweat.  But after months of great workouts using flat bands with Bandleballs, I knew we had something special.


I love Bandleballs.  They make flat band training awesome.  And after decades without innovation, flat bands are begging to be reinvigorated.  But what I appreciate most is the unexpected path on which they have brought me.  From the incredible and supportive community of women and men I've met through SandBarre to the challenges of navigating areas well outside of my comfort zone, Bandleballs have taught me so much about myself at an age when I thought I knew it all.


I don't just love fitness.  I've learned that I love helping others to love fitness and I am so excited to re-introduce you to flat resistance band training with this simple solution that Megan and I created.  You are going to love it!  


Welcome to my passion.

Welcome to Bandleballs.