Ever notice that flat bands are in every store with a fitness aisle?

Or that the Internet is filled with articles about resistance band training benefits, yet the workouts online are the same tired single-plane moves over and over?  Well, in between working, being moms and being wives, we did. Sort of random, we know, but sometimes life takes you on the most unexpected paths.  


Let us show you how we got here...

Jan. 2013:  Dana reads an article about the benefits of flat bands and decides to give them a try.

They hurt her hands.  

Traditional flat band handles don't cut it.  

 She randomly tells Megan about her "grip conundrum" at a playdate with their 6 kids under 6.

 "What if we change the shape of the handle?" said Megan.  Bandleballs are born.

March 2013:  SandBarre is created as a means to test-market Bandleballs.  Prototypes are handmade in the garage.

June 2016:  Meanwhile, SandBarre keeps growing.

A second location, SandBarre Sea Isle City, is introduced for Summer 2017

The feedback received from SandBarre helps to shape Bandleballs, literally.  

Three years, countless hours, and several prototypes later, a handle evolves that is comfortable, sweat-resistant and easy to use. 

July 1, 2017:  We launch our Kickstarter Campaign to get Bandleballs in your hands!  

August, 2017:  Our Kickstarter Campaign is successfully funded!  Bandleballs to launch in December.

...Ready? Get Yours!