Flat resistance bands have been around forever. We just made it so you'll want to use them.

Here are just some of the reasons flat band training is a great addition to your fitness regimen:


Where you go, they go. Flat bands are easy to transport making your gym, well, anywhere.


When it comes to fitness, you should sweat the workout not the price.  

Wildly Effective.

From heart-pumping HIIT workouts to body-shaking barre and pilates, the only thing limiting you with flat bands is your own stamina.


It is not only the spice of life, it's the key to achieving your wellness goals.  Variety keeps life interesting, workouts exciting and your body pushing to keep up.  In an era when your gym can be anywhere you are, a flat band with Bandleballs is the perfect tool to amplify your workouts.  Whatever your fitness level, whatever your wellness fancy, toss them in and mix it up.  Your body will thank you.  And so will we.

The possibilities are endless.

With Bandleballs, flat resistance band training is an awesome addition to your training session, class or studio.  Use them alone or fuse them with other workouts.  Now, the only thing limiting you with flat bands is your own creativity.  

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