Its quite simple, actually. 

Bandleballs™ are the only flat band handle to eliminate grip discomfort without sacrificing the ability to quickly adjust tension and easily transition between moves.  Oh, and we changed the shape of the handle to facilitate 360° mobility.

What does this all mean? That every move you make just got better.

unlock untapped potential for flat resistance band training

Unlike traditional handles that are tied or buckled into place, Bandleballs™ thread directly onto and move freely along a flat band, allowing for quick tension adjustment and seamless transitions between moves, the way a flat band was meant to be used. 

Your muscles should be sore after the workout, not your hands during it.

Bandleballs are ergonomic.

The unique spherical shape of Bandleballs not only fits comfortably in the palm of your hand but is designed to facilitate 360 degree mobility.  Your body can move in multiple directions and on multiple planes.  Why not train that way? 


Bandleballs™ are universal.

Bandleballs™ can be used on ANY flat resistance band.  For the best total-body burn, we recommend a 6ft in length, medium tension or greater band.  And after years of testing, we've found the most durable one to light your fire.

Bandleballs™ are sweat-resistant.

With a textured outer layer, they need to be because you will.