You've definitely seen them before. 

Maybe you've even tried them in a fitness class or in physical therapy. Either way, they hurt your hands. But lets just assume we've solved that problem (we have)...

Why use flat resistance bands?

Train the way you move.

Flat bands deliver resistance in multiple directions and on multiple planes so you can train for your everyday.

Mix it up.

From HIIT to pilates and barre, flat bands' versatility means whatever your fitness fancy, your workouts just got better.

Get stronger and longer.

Flat bands not only build lean muscle but improve your flexibility and mobility.

Give your joints a break.

Flat bands are low impact so you can get more out of your body and your workouts, safely.

Customize your workout to your strength, your flexibility, your body.

Flat bands comfortably adhere to the contours of your body and allow you to increase or decrease resistance by simply adjusting your grip along the band.